Spring Break with JupiterBounce!

Spring Break Is Closer then you think!

March Calendar for Spring Break

⬇️Shop our newest & most popular slides⬇️

NEW Bumpin Double Lane Slide

Our one and only water slide with a ‘bump’ to maximize fun on the slide down!

NEW 17′ Baja Burst Double Lane Slide

This tropical-themed double lane slide can be used wet or dry! Perfect for ages 4 to 7!

NEW 20′ Wipeout Double Lane

Beat the heat this Spring Break with the Wipeout!

NEW 20′ Maui Wowie Double Lane

⬅️Just as fun as our Wipeout, but in a different color scheme!⬅️

 Surfs Up Double Lane Slide

This thrilling double-lane slide features a pool landing and is best suited for kids 8 and up!

 New Tie Dye Slide

This groovy double-lane slide is the perfect pop of color for your backyard!

 New 25′ Tiki Plunge Double Lane with Slip n Slide

The 25′ Tiki Plunge is unlike any other slide of it’s size in our inventory – it has separate splash landings at the end instead of one large pool! 🌟

 The Gator Swamp Double Lane Slide

🐊This 18′ slide is one of a kind in our inventory! Can we get a ‘Go Gators?!’🐊

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